The required Alcotest documents are just the beginning for your on line document control. Although we can and will put any document on line that you want, we suggest you consider allowing us to, at the minimum, put the following documents on our site:

o-107-0118Alcotest 7110 Documents:

  • All calibration records
  • All instrument certifications
  • Simulator Solution documents
  • New Standard Solution Reports

Officer Certifications such as:

  • Alcotest Certification Card
  • Breathalyzer Certification Card
  • Radar Certification Card
  • HGN Certification Card
  • DRE Certification Card and documents
  • Police Training Commission certificates
  • Course Completion documents

Radar/Speed Measuring Device Documents:

  • Radar Unit Certifications
  • Tuning Fork Certifications
  • Speedometer Certifications

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Police Department Information
  • Records Department Address/Contact
  • Fees for additional records
  • Municipal Court Contact Information
  • Municipal Court Prosecutor Contact Information
  • Court Schedule

And many others. Just contact us with your ideas/requests/suggestions.