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Lost an Hour of Sleep and Spammed


The ALCOTEST and Daylight Savings Time:

Just a reminder - as we await the re-programming of all of the Alcotest units in the State of New Jersey, which will be done in the next 10 to 15 years, a reminder that the Day Light Savings time issue is once again upon us!

You may recall that the Alcotest is currently programmed for the "OLD" Daylight Savings Time calendar, which required us to spring forward later in the month - three weeks later, by the way.  So for the next three weeks or so, the AG's office has indicated that you should put the time of arrest into the Alcotest using Standard Time.

I also suggest that you clearly indicate in your DWI Report what you did and why.  In that way, you will be writing a clear and direct report that even defense attorneys will be able to understand.  Well maybe not all defense attorneys.....

Speaking of clear and concise report writing, have you signed up for an Report Writing seminars lately?

Lastly, remember what Albert Einstein said about TIME:  "...for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."


No, this is not a Monty Python skit.  And by the way, did I ever mention that I have a pet python?  His name is..............wait..............wait..............here it comes...........  MONTY!!

Last Friday, I was nailed by Verizon as being a spammer!  Me!  Of all people.  You gotta wonder about a company that has a problem with someone e-mailing 500+ people within one hour.  Geez!  The nerve!  As a result, I am now going to be using an e-mail program to send out my e-mail updates.  Assuming I can get this one past the Verizon Police!

_*PLEASE*_   go to www.NJDiscoveryDocs.com.  On the Home page, on the right hand side, you will see a sign up for the e-mail newsletter.  Click the words, as they are a link to my new e-mail subscribe/unsubscribe program.  This is all new to me and hopefully it will work.  And check out the site.  Is your department using this incredible service?  If not, Why Not?

Additionally, I would also appreciate it if you would e-mail, write, phone, text, or otherwise do what you do to communicate in this brave, new world of ours, to let your law enforcement type acquaintances know about the e-mail sign up at www.NJDiscoveryDocs.com.  Your help is, as always, appreciated!

And remember what Bartles and James said:  "We Thank You for your support."

And remember, STAY SAFE!